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The company "NEW TECHNOLOGIES, LP" ("Promenad", "we" and "us") respect the right of users ("you") to privacy. To exercise this right, this Privacy Policy has been adopted. This Privacy Policy describes the information (collected by us), how we use this information, the persons to whom this information can be transferred, as well as the rights of our users regarding the information we receive. We recommend that you carefully read this Privacy Policy before using our service or services, as well as before performing operations with the service. By using our website, application or other online services (our “Services”), you accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions about our privacy practices, see our contact details at the end of this Privacy Policy.
Information we collect about you
General. We may collect Personal Data, including Confidential Information and other information. The term "Personal Data" means data that allows you to establish the identity and contact information of a specific living person. Confidential data includes information, comments or content (for example, photos, videos, profiles, lifestyles) additionally provided by you that may disclose your ethnic origin, nationality, religious beliefs, interests and / or sexual orientation. By providing us with Confidential Data, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of Confidential Data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. We also have the right, with your consent, to collect information about your geographical location. We may collect this information through a website, mobile application or other online services. Using these services, you authorize us to collect, analyze and save data related to the provision of the Services. When providing personal data through our Service, this information can be sent to servers located in Russia, the United States and other countries of the world.
The information you provide. To register as a Promenad user, you will be asked to log in using your phone number, as well as confirm your identity using your Facebook, Twitter, VK and other services. By doing this, you allow us to access certain information in your accounts, for example, your public Facebook profile (in accordance with your Facebook privacy settings), your email addresses, interests, tastes, gender, date of birth, education, interests in chatting, current city, photos, a personal description, a list of friends and information about your Facebook friends who can be shared Facebook friends with other Promenad users and their photos. Promenad will also ask you for permission to collect location information from your device when downloading or using the Service. In addition, we have the right to collect and store any personal data provided by you when using our Service or in any other way. This data may include identification data, for example, name, address, email address and phone number, and if you conduct business with us, financial information. You can also provide us with your photographs, a personal description and information about your gender and preferences for recommendations such as search range, age and gender. If you chat with other Promenad users, you provide us with the contents of your chat correspondence, and if you request a service or other request, you provide us with the contents of these messages.
Information from other sources. We are entitled to receive your personal and non-personal data from other companies, business partners and other third parties.
Use of technology to collect information. We use a variety of technologies to collect information from your device and about your actions in our Service.
Automatically collected information. We automatically collect information from your browser or device when you visit our Service. This information may include your IP address, device identification number and type, your browser type and language, the operating system used on your device, access time, geographic location of your device while our application is actively working, and the address of the sending website.
Cookies, the use of cookies and similar data. When visiting our Service, we may assign one or more cookies or other personalization technologies to your device in order to simplify access to our Service and save your preferences. Using cookies, we also have the right to automatically collect information about your activities in our Service, for example, about the pages you visited, the time and date of your visits and the links that you clicked on. When sending advertisements, we (or third parties) are entitled to use certain data collected in our Service to show you Promenad ads on other sites or in other applications.
Pixel tags. We have embedded pixel tags (also called web beacons or transparent GIFs) in web pages, ads, and emails. These miniature invisible images are used to access cookies and to track user activity (for example, the number of page views). We use pixel tags to measure the popularity of our features and services. Advertising companies also use pixel tags to measure the number of displayed ads and their metrics (for example, how many people clicked on an ad).
Mobile device identification number. If you use our application, we use mobile device identification numbers (a unique identifier assigned to your device by the manufacturer) or advertising identification numbers (for iOS 6 and newer versions) to recognize you. ) instead of cookies. We do this to preserve your preferences and track the use of our application. Unlike cookies, device identification numbers cannot be deleted, however you can change the advertising identification numbers in the "Settings" section of your iPhone. Advertising agencies also use device identification numbers to track application usage, track the number of ads displayed, measure the effectiveness of the ads, and display the ads that are more suitable for you. Analyst companies use device identification numbers to track application usage information.
Usage of the information we collect
General. We may use the information collected about you to:
providing and improving our products and services, and monitoring our activities;
managing your account and providing customer support;
research and analysis of the use or interest of our products, services or content, or the products, services or content of others;
communicating with you by e-mail, regular mail, phone and / or mobile device in relation to products or services that may interest you, provided either by us or other third parties;
development, display and tracking of content and advertising developed taking into account your interests shown in our Service and on other sites, including the provision of our advertising to you when you visit other sites;
analysis of websites or mobile applications;
confirmation of your rights and the provision of prizes in connection with the holding of contests and lotteries;
the exercise or use of any rights in our Terms of Use;
perform functions or provide services other than those described to you when collecting information.
Persons with whom we share your information.
Information to be transferred to other users. When you register as a Promenad user, other users of this Service will view your profile on Promenad. Other users (and in the case of using the exchange function available on Promenad, persons or applications to which the Promenad user has the right to provide your data) will be able to view information provided directly to us or through Facebook, for example, your photos on Facebook, other photos you upload , Your name, age, approximate distance to you, your personal description and information common with the person viewing your profile, for example, common friends and interests on Facebook. If you use the buttons for voting to say “yes” to a specific person, you can chat with that person if they also use the voting button to say “yes” to you, that is, in the case of “pairing ". If you are chatting with the person with whom you have formed a couple, then naturally this person will see the content of your chat.
Personal data. We do not share your personal data with other persons, except as specified in this Privacy Policy, or when we inform you and give you the opportunity to refuse the opportunity to share your personal data. We have the right to share personal data with:
Service Providers. We may share information, including personal data and financial information, with third parties who provide certain services on our behalf. These services may include fulfilling orders, providing services to clients and marketing assistance, performing commercial and sales analysis, tracking and analyzing advertising, screening participants, supporting the functions of our Service and supporting contests, lotteries, research and other functions provided through our Service. These service providers may gain access to personal data that is necessary for the performance of their functions, but they are not allowed to share or use this information for other purposes.
Other partner companies. We are entitled to provide the information we collect, including your profile and personal data, for example, your name and contact information, photos, information about interests, actions on our website and transactions with other companies partners of your agreement, where required by applicable law.
Other situations. We have the right to disclose your information, including personal data:
In response to a court request or similar request for information, a court ruling or a request for cooperation from law enforcement or other government organizations; to establish or enforce our legal right; to protect against lawsuits; if otherwise necessary. In such cases, we have the right to raise or reject a legitimate objection or right available to us.
If we believe that the disclosure of this information is necessary: ​​in connection with measures aimed at investigating, preventing or carrying out other actions in relation to illegal activities, possible fraud or other illegal actions; to protect the rights, property or safety of our company, users, employees or other persons; to comply with applicable law or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies; for the application of the Terms of Use or other contracts or rules.
In connection with a corporate transaction, such as a sale of a business, separation of assets, merger, consolidation or sale of assets, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.
Aggregate and / or non-personal data. We have the right to use and provide non-personal data collected by us in any of the above circumstances. We also have the right to provide them to other companies partners and third parties in order to develop and place targeted advertising in our Service and on websites or third-party applications, as well as analyze and report on the advertising that you see. We may combine the collected non-personal data with additional non-personal data collected from other sources. We also have the right to share aggregate, non-personal data or personal data in a hashed, unreadable form for a person, with third parties, including lawyers, advertising agents and investors, in order to carry out a general analysis of activities, advertising, marketing or for other business purposes. For example, we are entitled to attract information companies that are entitled to collect your weblog data (including IP address and information about your browser and operating system) or to place or recognize a unique cookie in your browser so that you can receive advertising or content, appropriate to your interests. Cookies can display anonymized demographic and other data related to data voluntarily provided to us (for example, your email address), which we are entitled to provide information companies exclusively in a hashed, unreadable form for humans. We also have the right to provide information about your geographical location in anonymous form to companies partners and third parties for the above purposes. In order to refuse to provide information about your geographical location, simply stop using the Promenad application.
Prohibition of tracking
Tracking prohibition is a privacy setting set by users in web browsers. Tracking bans are a way in which users tell websites and services that they don’t want certain information about their visits to a web page to be collected in the long run from websites or online services. We must provide you with a reasonable choice regarding the information we collect, therefore we provide links to the disclaimer above. However, we do not recognize or respond to tracking ban messages, as the Internet industry is working towards a precise definition of the tracking ban, defining what it means to comply with the tracking ban, and a general approach to responding to tracking ban messages.
Third Party Websites
There are a number of places in our Service, by clicking on which you can go to other websites that do not use this Privacy Policy. For example, by clicking on an advertisement in our Service, you can be directed to a website that is not under our control. These third-party websites have the right to independently request from you and collect information, including personal data, and in some cases to provide us with information about your activities on these websites. We recommend that you read the privacy statements of all third-party websites you visit by clicking on the "Privacy" link, which is usually located at the bottom of the visited web page.
How can I access and correct my information
If you have an account in Promenad, you can view and update your personal data within the Service in the settings section of your account. Applicable privacy laws give you the right to access and / or request that you correct errors or omissions in your personal data that are stored with us and are under our control. Our privacy officer will assist you with access requests.
We respond to inquiries within the time period determined by applicable laws on the protection of privacy, and will try to answer as accurately and fully as possible. Any corrections made to personal data are immediately sent to all organizations to which they were provided.
In certain exceptional circumstances, we are not entitled to provide access to certain information. In order to ensure security, not all personal information is available and subject to change by the confidential information officer. If access or correction is not possible, we will notify the person who sent the request within 30 days in writing indicating the reasons for the refusal.
Data storage
We store your data as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes, while respecting the applicable legal requirements. If you close your account, we will save certain data for analytical purposes and accounting, as well as to protect against fraud, enforce the Terms of Use, take actions that we consider necessary to protect the integrity of our Service or our users, or for other actions, which are permitted by law. In addition, if certain information has already been provided to third parties, as described in this Privacy Policy, the storage of this information will be carried out in accordance with the policies of these persons.
Your choices regarding the collection and use of your information
You have the right not to provide certain information to us, however, this may lead to the inability to use certain functions of our Service, as this information may be necessary for your registration as a user, purchase of products or services, participation in contests, promotion, research or lotteries, for sending requests or taking other actions.
Our Service can also send you notifications to your phone or mobile device. You can disable these notifications by going to the "Application Settings" section or by changing the settings on your device.
You also have the right to control the information collected by cookies. You may delete or decline cookies by changing your browser settings. Click Help on the toolbar of most browsers for instructions.
How to protect your personal data
We take security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized use and disclosure. However, none of the systems can provide complete security. Therefore, despite the fact that we are taking measures to ensure the security of your information, we do not promise you, and you should not expect that your personal data, chats or other messages will be permanently protected. Users should also be careful with how they process and disclose their personal data: do not send personal data through insecure email.
You agree that we are entitled to exchange electronic communications with you regarding security, confidentiality and administration, such as a security breach. In the event of a security breach, we will post a notice on our Service. We also have the right to send you emails to the address that you have provided to us. You have the right to request this notice in writing. In order to receive a free written notification of a security breach (or to refuse to receive e-mails), please inform us at
Information that you provide about yourself when using our Service
Our Service has special areas where you can publish information about yourself and others, as well as communicate with other users. Such publications are governed by our Terms of Use. Also, in cases of voluntary disclosure of personal data on pages available for public viewing, this information will be available to the public, and other persons may collect and use it. For example, if you provide your email address, you may receive unsolicited messages. We cannot control who reads the information you publish or what users can do with your voluntarily posted information, so we recommend that you exercise caution and caution in matters that are related to personal data. Unless otherwise required by court order or other similar legal proceedings, your messages that you send to another user through our Service will be available only on the Service, unless you openly request a copy of your messages in accordance with applicable law. If you want to receive a copy of any messages received from other users through our Service, you must first obtain their prior written consent, and then they must contact our privacy officer and provide him with their prior written consent.
Protecting children's privacy
Despite the fact that our Service is intended for a wide range of people, only persons over 18 years old can use it. We do not knowingly collect, store or use the personal data of persons under 18 years of age.
Data transfer and consent to international processing
We are a growing company and we have users in different countries, including the European Union. We have developed methods for handling personal data to ensure proper protection of information, but we cannot always know who can evaluate and / or process personal data. Our primary personal data processing centers are located in the United States, however we may transfer personal data or other information to our offices outside the United States. In addition, we are entitled to hire other companies and individuals to perform these functions on our behalf. If we provide personal data to a third party or our employee outside the United States, we require them to ensure that any information they provide is adequately protected and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as well as the requirements of applicable privacy laws.
If you visit our site from the European Union or other regions where data collection and use laws apply, please note that you agree to the transfer of your personal data, including confidential information, by Promenad from your region to countries where it is not accepted data protection laws providing the same protection as in the countries of the European Economic Area and the United States of America. By submitting your personal data, you agree to their transfer and processing in accordance with this Policy.
This Privacy Policy does not create rights to be applied by third parties and does not oblige you to disclose personal data to users of the website.
12. Disclaimer.
13. Third Party Services.
The service may contain advertisements and promotions offered by third parties, and links to other websites or resources. Promenad is not responsible for the availability (or lack of availability) of such external sites or resources. If you decide to interact with third parties using the Service, your relations with them are governed by the terms of such third parties. Promenad is not responsible for such conditions or the actions of third parties.
Modification of this Privacy Policy
We will periodically update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the law, our methods for collecting and using data, the functions of our Services or technologies. Upon notification of a change to this Privacy Policy, we will change the “Date of Last Change” indicated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy, which will be posted in the Settings section of the Services, as well as on You should regularly check for the latest version, which is the applicable version. If significant changes are made to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of these changes in a reasonable manner, which may include notifications via the Services or email. Carefully study the changes. Continued use of the Services after posting changes to this policy means that you agree with them and accept them. If you do not agree with these changes, you can delete your account by following the instructions in the settings.

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